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Information about online courses

Dear Students,

Due to the situation caused by the coronavirus outbreak, our institution initiates the following changes. Please read carefully the following points and act accordingly:

1. From today for an undefined period, students are not allowed to enter into the institution personally!!! Administration will continue via telephone and e-mail invariably, about the payments you can read our attached instructions as well as the informatives appearing on our website.

Bank-transfer tutorial

2. From 16.03.2020. we start our online classes. There are no exceptions, we have to held all our courses online, in the sake of the safety of our teachers and students!

For the time being we will use a software called Zoom which has been already tested by our teachers. You can download the software from here:
Please download the program before the first use!

The software can be used as the followings:

– the software can be used on smartphones, laptops as well as tablets, which is free for everyone.

– download the softwer before the first use and sign in

– after signing in, please give your name

– if the program asking to verify your phone number:         - give your phone number         - you’ll receive an sms with a number, write this number in the pop-up window

– before the class the teacher will send a link as an invitation to the ’meeting’ (which is the class itself), upon acceptation or by giving the meeting ID and code you can enter the class         - the latter you can doing by clicking on the ’Join meeting’ button, giving the meeting-ID (a longer number) and the code of the meeting (a 3 to 5 digit number)

– after that the students and teachers will be able to see each other through the software

– you can choose, whether you allow to the teacher and fellow students to see your camera

– there are options where the teacher and/or the student can see all students participating in the class, or the student can choose to see only the teacher

– during the class pictures and ppt-s can be shown, there is a way to write on the picture also using a ’white board’ which all the students and teacher can use as well

– it is not necessary to use headphones or earplugs for the software, since the sound quality is suitable even on a laptop’s basic speakers

– please if there is a way, avoid using public wi-fi because it can heavily affect the quality of the transmission (except school’s or office’s network which has a higher standard quality)

– to record any part(s) of the lesson or the entire lesson is PROHIBITED!

3. If any of our students discover symptoms similar to the coronavirus on themselves, please inform our institute immediately so we can act accordingly as soon as possible!

Thank You very much for your understanding and cooperation!

Kind Regards,

Anna Csikó

Chinese Language Programs

The paying language courses which take place at the Institute Headquarters continue to be popular. People who have successfully completed the free introductory course and still want to learn more Chinese receive a 50% discount on the next M-1 module deposit.

If their enthusiasm remains undiminished after this, Institute offers another 20% discount on the next M-2 module deposit.

New courses

Modul Code Time Teacher Week /
Reduced fee Registration

Current courses

These courses are already going on, but the registration is still open for new students.

Modul Code Time Teacher Week /
Reduced fee Registration
C1.1 2020/88 July 23, 2020 -
October 20, 2020
Zou Huihui 8 / 4 32 000.- Registration
A2.2 2020/90 July 22, 2020 -
October 19, 2020
Zou Huihui 8 / 4 32 000.- Registration
A1.2 2020/84 July 15, 2020 -
October 12, 2020
Che Hui 8 / 4 26 000.- Registration
A2.3 2020/86 July 2, 2020 -
September 29, 2020
Bian Xin 8 / 4 32 000.- Registration
A1.1 2020/72 June 23, 2020 -
September 17, 2020
Chu Hongye 8 / 4 16 000.- Registration
A1.2 2020/73 June 23, 2020 -
September 17, 2020
Feng Mengmeng 8 / 4 26 000.- Registration
A2.3 2020/77 June 22, 2020 -
August 12, 2020
Wang Fanfan 8 / 4 32 000.- Registration