Confucius Institute - Budapest, Hungary

   1088 Budapest, Múzeum krt. 4/F., I.16.    Tel: (36)-(1)-411-6597
Ügyintézés: H-CS: 10.30-18.30; P: 10.30-16.00
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Free Introductory Courses

Courses held in the headquarters of the Institute arouse constant interest. For those who have completed the tution-free course of the ELTE Confucius Institute and wish to continue their studies, our Institute offers an 50% discount on the fee of the (next) M1 module. If their enthusiasm remains undiminished, students can get almost 20% discount on the following module.

The classes are in English.

The Hungarian language courses are indicated separately!

The courses will be held if there are at least 5 applicants!

In order to take part in a course at the Confucius Institute, registration and tution payments are required. The first step is to register on the basis of real data, by clicking on the "Application".

This is followed by payment of the course fee, which can be done only through the post office, using a check issued by the Confucius Institute. The paid check deposit slip must be presented at the Confucius Institute, by the beginning of the course at the latest.

Naturally, an invoice can be provided, as long as it is requested in advance. While preparing a check, we also provide an invoice request, which we send (together with the deposit slip of the check) to the ELTE Executive Board of the Economic and Technical College, where the invoice is issued and will be posted in two or three weeks to the postal address.

All enquiries about our courses are welcome!

You can get additional information by calling, or by coming to the Institute in person.