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Konfucius's Kitchen: Experiences from the Magic of Chinese Cuisine!

2024. January 09.

With great excitement, we announce the launch of our video series titled "Konfucius's Kitchen" on our YouTube channel, which showcases the magical world of Chinese cuisine! In the first episode, Li Denggui, the Chinese director of the ELTE Confucius Institute, demonstrates the preparation of light and delicious stir-fried eggplant.

The Konfucius's Kitchen project holds significant importance in the life of the ELTE Confucius Institute, as we know that many in Hungary are interested in Chinese gastronomy and crave authentic Chinese flavors. Many seek dishes that go beyond the typical offerings of Chinese fast-food restaurants, reaching into the realm of authentic Chinese cuisine.

The simple yet incredibly tasty stir-fried eggplant featured in the first episode was just the beginning. In the next installment, we will explore a unique noodle dish that brings the distinctive flavors of Wenzhou, a city in the Zhejiang province, to the table. Throughout the video series, we aim to showcase the diverse world of authentic Chinese cuisine, ranging from easily preparable dishes to more time-consuming delicacies.

Our Konfucius's Kitchen video series is now available on our YouTube channel. The first episode was filmed at the Asian Street Food restaurant in Budapest, and we express our gratitude to the restaurant for generously supporting the video production.

Video: Link to the video


Video/Operator: Ferenc Csóka