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ELTE Confucius Institute Opens a New Cycle of Courses in Advanced Chinese Painting

2022. december 19.

From December 8, 2022, to February 16, 2023, ELTE Trefort Middle School (ELTE Trefort Ágoston Gyakorló Gimnázium) is offering a new round of advanced Chinese painting classes on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 17:00 to 18:30 (local time). The Chinese painting class is one of the special cultural activities courses of ELTE Confucius Institute, and 12 students participated in the initial round of this course.

Teaching Process

The course is taught by Janisz Horváth, a long-time teacher of painting and calligraphy at ELTE Confucius Institute. His experience teaching Hungarian students has been extensive, and he has been teaching Chinese painting and calligraphy at ELTE Confucius Institute since returning from China. In addition to publishing a book on Chinese painting and calligraphy, he is dedicated to spreading Chinese culture and art to Hungarians.

Teaching Materials

With a good understanding of both Chinese and Western art styles, in his lectures Janisz Horváth often includes an introduction to Chinese culture in order for students to improve their painting skills and gain a deeper understanding of the spirit of Chinese painting and calligraphy. This semester, he will concentrate primarily on plum blossoms after teaching bamboo paintings last semester. It was very popular among the students when he showed them how to draw plum blossoms, which have a unique Chinese flavor. There have been many previous students in this round of classes, ranging in age from 16 to 65. This demonstrates the public's desire to learn about Chinese culture and art.

Participants' Works

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