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HSK and HSKK exams postponed

Dear Applicants,
According to the government’s new regulations and after negotiating with the directorate of ELTE it was decided that the exam on the 20th of March must be postponed.

The date of the new (HSK & HSKK) exam: 22. May, 2021.

Those who asks for the refund of the exam fee, please fill and send back (signed) the claim can be found on the The deadline of the refund claims is: 19.03.2021.

Those who do not claim a refund, will be automatically transferred to the HSK and/or HSKK exam of May 22, thus they do not have to take any further actions.

Thank you for your understanding!
ELTE Confucius Institute

Exam fee refund claim

Exam fee refund claim

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