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HSK and HSKK language exams

Date for the next HSK and HSKK exams:
21 April 2024 (Sunday)

Classroom arrangement for HSK and HSKK exams

Chinese language exam dates 2024


21 July 2024 (Sunday)
Application and payment deadline: 24 June 2024 (Monday),
midnight Beijing time.

19 October 2024 (Saturday)
Application and payment deadline: 22 September 2024 (Sunday)
midnight Beijing time.

8 December 2024 (Sunday)
Application and payment deadline: 11 November 2024 (Monday)
midnight Beijing time.

The ELTE Confucius Institute reserves the right to change the examination dates.

HSK Exam Information

HSK – Application Guide

Instructions for the payment of the HSK/BCT/YCT exam

During the application please note the following:

* You have to register separately to each written and/or oral exam on the website.

* For the HSK and HSKK examinations (still for BCT examinations and YCT oral examinations), it is compulsory to upload a photograph meeting the requirements listed in the regulations when applying.

* You have to read carefully and obey the rules and regulations of the HSK and HSKK exams.
Please read the follwing pdf file:

rules and regulations

* The exam fee can be paid by cheque at the post office or online bank transfer!

* Cheques can only be picked up at the reception desk of the ELTE Confucius Institute (1088 Budapest, Múzeum krt. 4/F., 1st floor, office 16) during opening hours, by prior arrangement on Mondays between 9:00 and 11:00 and on Thursdays between 14:00 and 16:00.

* Please send a scanned receipt of the paid cheque or a screenshot of the bank transfer confirmation to

* We can only accept cheques sent to this e-mail address, no personal presentation is possible.

* You will not be admitted to the language test if you have not sent us your cheque before the registration deadline!

Please note that we cannot accept cheques without the name of the candidate written on the cheque!

* We cannot refund the exam fee.

* The room and time schedule on the admission ticket is not necessarily correct, so please check the website of the ELTE Confucius Institute, where the updated room schedule and exam date will be available 10 days before the exam.

* The result of the exam is available one month after the exam on the website, the certificates will arrive to our institute 2 months after the exam.

For the exam you have to bring the following:

- admission ticket,
- ID card or passport, (the one you used to register for the exam),
- 2B pencil, eraser and sharpener.

The admission ticket can be printed 10 days prior to the exam from the website after logging in.

The time and venue, which is written on the admission ticket, can be different from the ones presented on our website – please note that only the time and venue which are written on our website are correct)!


I. Price of the HSK and HSKK exam
II. Short description of the new HSK exam
III. Examination levels
IV. Why should I do the exam?

Price of the HSK and HSKK exam

szintek 一级
1. level
2. level
3. level
4. level
5. level
6. level
oral elementary
oral intermediate
oral advanced
5000 HUF 6000 HUF 7000 HUF 8000 HUF 9000 HUF 10000 HUF 6000 HUF 7000 HUF 8000 HUF

The actual fee may change year by year!

Applications will be accepted only if:
• examination fees are paid not later than the deadline,

• that admission ticket is available at the website 10 days prior to exam. You have to print it out, bring it on the day of the exam and present it to our staff along with your ID card or passport and your passport size photos.

Short description of the new HSK exam

The HSK is the official language exam of the People’s Republic of China; it has been developed for non-native speakers and is administered in many countries throughout the world. Since 2007, the ELTE Confucius Institute has organized the exams.
As of 2010, following the decision of the Chinese Language Council (Hanban), a new type of exam is introduced. The new system has 6 levels, from beginner to advanced. The levels of the new type of HSK exam correspond to the the Common European Framework Reference for Language.

I. Test Structure

The new exam consists of two parts, written and oral. The written test is from level 1 to level 6. The oral test is available at HSK elementary, HSK intermediate and HSK advanced levels.

Written test Oral test
HSK- 6. level HSK advanced
HSK- 5. level
HSK- 4. level HSK intermediate
HSK- 3. level
HSK- 2. level HSK elementary
HSK-1. level

II. Examination levels

The new HSK test corresponds directly to the Common European Framework of Reference as follows:

New type HSK Vocabulary CEF
HSK - 6.level Above 5000 words C2
HSK - 5.level 2500 words C1
HSK - 4.level 1200 words B2
HSK - 3. level 600 words B1
HSK - 2.level 300 words A2
HSK - 1.level 150 words A1

HSK – Level 1
Recommended for learners who are able to recognize and use some simple Chinese characters.

HSK – Level 2
Recommended for beginner learners who are able to use Chinese in some everyday situations.

HSK – Level 3
Recommended for learners who are able to use Chinese to speak about their lives, studies, and work and who are able to handle most communication tasks.

HSK – Level 4
Recommended for learners who can broadly discuss several themes in Chinese and are capable of high-level communication in Chinese.

HSK – Level 5
Recommended for learners who can read Chinese newspapers and watch movies, write an essay about a given theme and can give an oral presentation about it.

HSK – Level 6
Recommended for learners who can understand any kind of information in written Chinese and express themselves easily in any situation.

III. Why should I do the exam?

- the HSK examination proves Chinese knowledge throughout in the world
- the new type of HSK exam can be recognized by the Hungarian Ministry of Education, therefore it can bring valuable points at the university admission process. For more information please check the following website:

- Chinese or other companies connected to China may require their employees to have the appropriate level of HSK examination.

- HSK exam is a prerequisite for studying in Chinese institutions of higher education. The required level varies between institutes and departments.

- success in the HSK exam exempts students in China from taking certain language courses.

- taking an HSK exam is an obligatory part of the application process for Chinese subsidiary studies. This applies to graduates of Eötvös Loránd University, Faculty of Foreign Trade and the BGF and the Gate of Dharma Buddhist College.

- For students of the Chinese department who wish to apply for Chinese subsidiary studies, the HSK exam is taken in consideration instead of the "internal" Chinese placement test.

IV. How can I know, if I passed the exam?

To pass the exam successfully, the examinee must reach at least 60% of the Maximum score, which is called the „Passing score”. The exam is successful, if the score of the examinee is equal or higher than the Passing score. The Passing score may vary, depending on the maximum score for each level:

Level Passing score Maximum score
HSK 1 120 200
HSK 2 120 200
HSK 3 180 300
HSK 4 180 300
HSK 5 180 300
HSK 6 180 300
HSKK 1 60 100
HSKK 2 60 100
HSKK 3 60 100

Additional information:

* the HSK exam is organized twice a year in our institute: in March and in December, please check this website for the date of the exams:

* The official HSK Chinese website